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What should I do if the front line is bloated?

It’s simple, sell it! Soon, it was reported by the media that the agents of zahovic and Diego Alonso received a phone call from Changsheng, telling them clearly that their players were not in their plans for the new season,…


Liu Wenjing was a little startled. He didn’t expect Pei Ji to put on a smelly face on such a day. Immediately, he also sneered at a sleeve robe and threw it away.

At this time, the etiquette supervisor eunuch said, "It’s auspicious to worship the heavens and the earth!" Tang gaozu heard that he knelt down and lifted a eunuch, handed a three-column fragrance, and Tang gaozu took it and made several…


Shen Yue said, "About 80,000!"

"Depend, so much? !” "Yes! However, this is normal. Now there are only a few hundred guilds in Huaxia, but there are hundreds of millions of players in Huaxia. It is normal that there are more wolves and less meat,…


This woman is very unusual and valuable as a guide.

Isn’t Xin Qiji a good example? In addition to training and classes, Su Yonglin went to guide the driller to participate in various training activities of the guidance department. Su Yonglin felt that he was going to take Tian Jue’s…


At first, the Huashan Sect retreated quietly, and it was understandable that the younger brothers and ordinary people with low martial arts should withdraw their blood clouds first without paying too much attention to it.

But later, it became more and more obvious, and it seemed to give up Huashan blood clouds. This just woke up. At this time, the elite departments of Wuyue Sword Sect were all in Huashan, and it was very difficult…


"player?" Xiaoyao Wang said incredulously through the data

Li Xun once again injected less than one-fifth of the magic into the hands of Eternal Excalibur. Li Xun’s hand was shaken by Li Xun’s force. Li Xun took out the blue potion again when he stepped back. This trick…


Just when Changsheng was going to have a rest, his mobile phone rang. Pick it up and it was from Moscow.

Changsheng looked at the phone number belonging to Moscow on the mobile phone screen, hesitated, and picked it up. "Often, damn it! What have you done? !” As soon as the phone was connected, Chang Sheng heard the angry roar…


"You said this Jiang Feng where courage unexpectedly dare Huang Tianhai fight" someone touched the amazing.

"Who said it wasn’t that kid who was going to suffer?" Another population said. At this time, the center of the arena Jiang Feng Huang Tianhai stood opposite and felt the hot eyes around him. Huang Tianhai enjoyed his face….


Now, the final of the King’s Cup has naturally become the most striking part of this year-long celebration.

Real Madrid went to great lengths to arrange the game at this time and this venue, not to make a fool of themselves in public. They are sure to win this game, and they don’t even care about their opponent…


Street 2,000 elite cavalry occupied the main road of Suzaku Street, and they accepted the worship of the people. The front of Li Shimin’s team looked so high-spirited.

The restaurant Yangmei looked at the man and asked, "What?" "Because of me!" The man said lightly "Because of you?" Yangmei is puzzled. "It’s because of me," the man smiled faintly and he lowered his voice. "Do you remember where…